The Hunt for al Shabaab / Somalia

The Hunt for al Shabaab // Somalia

The town of Qoryooley in Lower Shabelle, Somalia came under the control of the African Union's Ugandan troops on March 23rd, 2014 during Operation Eagle, an offensive against the al Qaeda linked militant group, al Shabaab. Although the African Union forces have been successful in removing al Shabaab from some main towns, the struggle continues, even in the capital of Mogadishu. The militant group was pushed out of the city in 2011, but still imposes the daily threat of attack.

In addition to the challenges that the enemy presents, the Somali National Army is battling with the capacity and commitment of its own forces. The European Union has provided training to some of the troops, but most of the Somali forces have not received any formal military instruction. The government must prove to the people of Somalia that it has the means and capability to take the country under its control and out of the hands of al Shabaab.